We brush our own teeth twice a day so why do many owners never think about brushing their dog’s teeth?  I suppose some dogs would not be impressed but it may save your pooch from the claws of the dental vet.  Oral disease must also be unpleasant for dogs and can be costly to owners too.

If we start cleaning our dog’s teeth as part of a normal daily routine from an early age, they will get used to it pretty quickly.  Start slowly, keeping brushing session to a minute initially and gradually increase over time.  It will also keep that doggy smile shining bright and its breath smelling sweet and fresh.  You can buy special pooch toothpaste for a minty fresh clean too.

Plaque is most likely to appear on the outside of teeth low to the gum line, these are key areas to concentrate on.  To get to the teeth for the best possible clean lift the lips one side at a time to expose the full tooth and brush in a downward or upward motion away from the gum line.

Whilst cleaning your dog’s teeth keep a look our for any gum inflammation, red gums, bleeding or any build up of dark yellow-brown tartar.  Have a sniff to make sure they don’t have bad dog breath.  Any of the above may be a sign of oral disease.

If you have any concerns visit your vet for further advise.  Remember vets are also able to spot emerging dental issues so it’s worth taking your dog to the vets for an annual health care and dental check-up.

Healthy teeth help make a happy hound!


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