24 Boxes Of Ecohound Standard Oxo-Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags On A Roll 240 Bags – Shop Ready Packaging

JANUARY DEAL – Large Green Unscented Planet Friendly Dog Waste Bags for our eco conscious dog owners.


Ecohound Poo Bags On A Roll 240 Bag Packs – 1 Carton of 24 Boxes.

Eco-friendly Dog Waste Bags | Value for Money Pack | High Quality Dog Poop Bags

Introducing our Ecohound standard dog waste bags in olive green.  Large Green Unscented Planet Friendly Dog Waste Bags for our eco conscious dog owners. 1 box contains 16 rolls of 15 bags which fit nicely into your pocket or any standard sized poop bag dispensers.

At 15 micron in thickness our poop bags are strong so no chance of any nasty accidents. These Eco Friendly bags are easy to use, simply detach from the role, no tears no holes and will not split.  Your customers will love them.

OUR PLANET – These premium eco friendly green bags have been designed with our environmentally friendly dog loving customers in mind, we think about our planet down to the littlest of details,  our bags are oxo-biodegradable and our packaging and roll cores are mode from fully recyclable materials.
Large thick poo bags – no more nasty accidents!

DEGRADABILITY – OXO-Biodegradable Plastic (PE) – The EPI Additive in our bags allow them to degrade unlike traditional plastic

LARGE THICK AND STRONG – Width 230 x Length 330 mm with a thickness of 15 micron

COLOUR: Olive Green.

These GREEN eco-friendly bags will completely degrade into natural CO2 and H2O, carbon dioxide and water in as little as 24 months using Oxo Technology.

We should all consider the environment when it comes to the use of plastic bags. On average a dog owner will use hundreds if not thousands of poop bags every year. That is why we must make the change.

IS IT WORTH IT – our bags may cost a little more than standard black bags however you can buy with confidence knowing that the bags you use to clear up your dog poop will degrade in a reasonable time.

At Ecohound we pride ourselves on great quality, caring for dogs and the environment.

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