36 Boxes Of Ecohound Oceanex 375 Medium Tie Handle Dog Poop Bags On A Roll – Retail Packaging

Our packaging and roll cores are also made using recycled and recyclable card. RECYCLE…RECYCLE…RECYCLE!


36 x Ecohound Oceanex 375 Medium Vest Dog Poop Bags On A Roll With Tie Handles

2 Cartons of 18 boxes.  Each box contains 25 rolls of 15 bags which fit nicely into your pocket or standard sized poop bag dispenser.

LARGE SIZE, THICK & STRONG – Approximate Size: Length 36.5 cm, Width 12 cm With a 5.5 cm gusset on each side.  An excellent quality, strong, 100% leak-proof medium/large poo bag on a roll, 15 micron in thickness with easy tie handles.  The perfect dog waste bag for any size dog. These Eco Friendly bags are easy to use, simply detach from the role and pick up your dogs delight. Picking up after your canine companion is easy and hygienic with no rips, tears or nasty accidents.

EASY TIE HANDLES  – The nice large tie handles makes securing your dogs poo and carrying to the next bin simple and hassle free.  DON’T FORGET TO BAG IT AND BIN IT!


MADE USING LESS PLASTIC – In our drive towards a circular economy our dog waste bags are made from a unique blend of 30% recycled plastic and 20% OCEANEX. OCEANEX is a remarkable resin supplement which contains powdered oyster shell waste from a sustainable source. Adding waste seashell means our bags can be made with less precious oil-based polymer and the replacement material is bio-renewable too!

WHY ECOHOUND ROLLS BAGS –  A combined 50% renewable material and post consumer recycled plastic.   A simple design, large, with easy to tie handles, unscented, leak free and opaque.   Our packaging and roll cores are also made using recycled and recyclable card. RECYCLE…RECYCLE…RECYCLE!

CARING FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT – We care about looking after our environment.  Clean up after your four legged friend and correctly disposing of our dog waste bags “BAG IT AND BIN IT” will help protect our environment and keep our dog walking areas clean and user friendly.


  • Made using 20% OCEANEX + 30% Post Consumer Waste Plastic
  • 15 Micron Thickness
  • Large / Thick / Opaque / Leak Proof
  • Unscented
  • Fits Standard Dispensers
  • Dark Green



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