8 Boxes Of Ecohound 500 Large Vest Bags Dark Green Retail Packaging

Ecohound 500 box of dark green waste bags at 17 micron in thickness giving your customers a superior quality bag for dog waste collection.  A fantastic wholesale product your customers with Love.


Ecohound Dark Green Vest Bags With Easy Tie Handles – Box of 500 In Retail Packaging (Not On A Roll) – 1 Carton Of 8 Boxes

A brand new exciting addition to our Ecohound range.  Ecohound 500 dark green waste bags, 17 micron thickness giving your customers a superior bag for dog waste collection.  A fantastic wholesale product your customers with Love.

These large vest style waste bags come in an easy access top opening stylish Ecohound branded box. The bags are carefully folded into 5 neat piles of 100 poop bags making it simple to quickly grab a bag or two before each dog walk.  This bumper pack of 500 bags will ensure your customers have a constant supply of bags.Once down to the last pile, just re-order and they will never run out.

Ecohound Dog Waste Bags – More Info

BAG IT AND BIN IT –  Picking up dog waste made easy with our large strong dark green eco friendly dog waste bags with large sturdy tie handles in a handy easy access box. Picking up poop after our four legged friends could not be made any easier.

DEGRADABILITY – OXO-Biodegradable Plastic (PE) – The EPI Additive in our bags allow them to degrade unlike traditional plastic

LARGE THICK & STRONG – Size – Length 38 cm, Width 18 cm With a 6 cm gusset on each side allowing your dog pooh bag to open up extra wide.  Thickness of 17 micron, 500 Large Unscented Bags making picking up easy and hygienic with no nasty accidents.

EASY TIE HANDLES FOR AN EASY LIFE– These bags are not on a roll.  This allows us to manufacture a bigger bag with large tie handle.  Securing your dogs waste and carrying to the next poo bin simple and hassle free.

OUR PLANET – At Ecohound we care about our environment and the future of our planet. Be kind to our planet and use Oxo-biodegradable poop scoop bags to clear up after your four legged friend. These Quality Vest Type Poop Scoop bags with easy to tie handles are just what both you and your dog need. Carefully stacked in 5 packs of 100 and sensibly packaged for ease of use.


Our Large super strong waste bags using OXO-Biodegradable plastic technology which will degrade into small pieces then biodegrade into soil.

We should all consider the environment when it comes to the use of non degradable plastic bags. On average a dog owner will use hundreds if not thousands of poop bags every year. That is why we must make the change.