Ecohound 300 Medium Dark Green Dog Poo Bag Rolls With Easy Tie Handles

A fantastic new addition to the Ecohound range is the 300 bags tie handle bags on a roll in a handy box.  Each box contains 20 rolls of 15 medium to large poop bags at a strong 15 micron thickness.


Ecohound MEDIUM Dark Green Dog Poop Bags On A Roll With Tie Handles – 300 Bags Per Box

A fantastic new addition to our Ecohound Dog Poo Bag Range. The 300 tie handle waste bags on a roll in craft card easy access box.  Each box contains 20 rolls of 15 medium to large poop bags at15 micron thickness.

Manufactured in a dark green colour helping hide the contents of the bag once used until you come across an available dog poo bin.  Each roll fits into most standard dispenser or simply pop a loose roll into a jacket pockets.  Each bag can be easily torn from the roll and opened up prior to use.  Once opened the gusset of the pooh bag allows for a good sized bag usable for most dogs and their delights.  Once the roll has been used just simply dispose of the recyclable cardboard core in your waste paper and card bins to be recycled by your local council.

Ecohound Dog Waste Bag Rolls – More Info

Dark green in colour –  hiding doggy delights
Unscented – no perfumed poop or strong fragrance smells
Large – a good sized bag on a roll, simply the biggest tie poo bags you will find on a roll
Tie handles – one of the first LARGE bags on a roll with tie handles
On A Roll – pop in your pocket or in a poo bag dispenser ans just tear of as and when required.
Dispenser Box – dispense a roll at a time easily from the side of the box
and most importantly ECO FRIENDLY like all our own branded dog waste bags
Our Bags Are Biodegradable using Exo Bio-renewable Technology . Sustainable Bio Plastic, RECYCLABLE

EXO: Bags using the exo bio-renewable plastic technology are made from up to 20% renewable materials (actually 20% recycled sea shells which sounds strange but true).
THICKNESS: 15 microns.
COLOUR: Dark Green
SIZE: Length 24 cm, Width/Diameter:  23 cm at widest point with a circumference of 46 cm approx.

Ecohound dog waste bags an eco friendly choice!

* Listening to customers needs we decided to take up this poo bag challenge . This is officially the biggest bag you will get with tie handles on a roll.  After months of testing, working with different bag dimensions both in width and length then trying to fit in a nice little dispenser this is our end result.  Maybe not perfect, however I can assure everyone it’s the biggest bag possible that will fit on a roll.  We are quite proud of the latest addition to our Ecohound wholesale range.  However if your customers are looking for a BIG BIG bag for a BIG BIG DOG then stick to our flat packed bags.  

Large thick bags with easy-to-tie handles – no more nasty accidents!