Ecohound Wholesale EH500 – 200k

FULL PALLET – Ecohound Shop Ready 500’s and 1000’s mixed. Oceanex Dog Poop Bags.  Large Vest Type Waste Bags with easy-to-tie handles.


Full Pallet – Ecohound Wholesale Bulk Buy Ecohound Oceanex 500’s Large Thick Dog Waste Bags – Retail Packaging

Wholesale Dog Waste Bags: QUANTITY –

72K x EHOC500-R. Shop Ready Boxes of Ecohound 500 Dog Poo Bags. The pallet will contain 15 cartons / 8 boxes per carton.

*UK Mainland Delivery Only.  Please contact us directly for pricing outwith mainland UK.


MADE USING LESS PLASTIC – In our drive towards a circular economy, our dog waste bags are made from a unique blend of 30% recycled plastic and 25% OCEANEX. OCEANEX is a remarkable resin supplement which contains powdered oyster shell waste from a sustainable source. Adding waste seashells means our bags can be made with less precious oil-based polymer and the replacement material is bio-renewable too!

WHY ECOHOUND –  A combined 55% renewable material and post-consumer recycled plastic.   A simple design, large, easy-to-tie handles, unscented, hanging tab, leak-free and opaque.  Carefully stacked in packs of 100 and sensibly packaged for ease of use.

CARING FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT – We care about looking after our environment.  Clean up after your four-legged friend and correctly disposing of our dog waste bags “BAG IT AND BIN IT” will help protect our environment and keep our dog walking areas clean and user-friendly.

Custom Branded – Make your own brand dog waste bags a reality. find out more.


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