Why is my dog always eating grass?

Every day I turn around and he is enjoying grazing on the fresh green grass at the side of the river or in a lush farmer field.  Eating grass is a pretty common canine behaviour which has been observed in wild dogs and not often a cause for concern.  Some dogs eat grass as it tastes good or they are intrigued by the texture, some maybe to relieve boredom and I think my dog because he’s a Labrador and will eat anything edible.

Dogs may also eat grass as a natural antacid or to relieve symptoms of an upset stomach.  In rare cases grass eating could be linked to an underlying health condition.  If your dog is eating grass then vomiting repeatedly and has no interest in its own food it is worth contacting your local vet for advise.

Grass is a good source of fibre for dogs, keeping their digestive system functioning smoothly.  Although experts agree that dogs grazing isn’t harmful we must be mindful of potential toxic common threats from weed killers or pesticides.

Find out more for your dogs safety.  Make sure plants in the areas around where your dog is grazing are not dangerous, visit the Blue Cross poisonous plant page.


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