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Wholesale trade supply of dog waste bags, custom branded bags & bespoke packaging.


Doing something today for a better tomorrow.

Join us in supporting Colin and Lily's incredible mission to make a difference in our community and our environment. Despite battling Leukaemia, Colin's determination and passion for the environment have inspired us all.
Ecohound has teamed up with Colin and Lily to launch a groundbreaking dog waste bag initiative. His goal? To distribute eco-friendly dog waste bags throughout the community and educate pet owners about responsible disposal practices. Together, we can make a difference for our furry friends and the planet we call home.
Help secure a bright future for Lily while promoting responsible dog waste management. Join us in honouring the deep bond between Lily and Colin and making a positive impact on our environment. Together, we can carry on Colin's legacy and create a better tomorrow for Lily and our world.


We are proud to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of
Eco-conscious dog waste bags.  A collection of durable doggie poop
bags containing up to 75% recycled content – because our planet and
furry friend deserve only the best!

At our core, we believe in going the extra mile. Whether it’s utilising new innovative materials in our products or using sustainable packaging solutions that leave a positive impact on the planet – pet owners can trust us for quality and sustainability every step of the way. We’re dedicated to listening closely to your feedback so every walk of the dog is as perfect as possible!

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100% commitment

Nearly 2 decades picking up after your pooch. Stay confident knowing that your eco-friendly clean-up solution is backed 100% by our commitment to customer product satisfaction.


25% Waste Oyster Shell

Oceanex, a remarkable resin supplement containing powdered oyster shell waste from a sustainable source.  Therefore Ecohound bags can be made with less precious oil-based polymer.

recycled plastic

50% Recycled Bottles

 All Ecohound waste bags boast 50% recycled post-consumer waste plastic – plus they’ve been approved and certified by Global Recycling Standards.

leak proof

100% Leak Proof

Large, tough and strong.  100% leakproof and able to handle the messiest of doggy parcels – they will not disappoint you, your customer or their dogs.


Ecohound Dog Waste Bags and so much more!

Wholesale Trade Supply or Create Your Own Brand

Wholesale Home & Pet Supplies. Become an Ecohound stockist, now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of dog waste bags, dog food packaging and recyclable dry dog food/treat pouches.  Kitchen Caddy Liners, Food Storage and refuge sacks.

Are you a pet or home essentials-related business, wholesaler, dry dog food manufacturer, pet supplies store, dog groomer, veterinary surgery, dog walker, dog day-care centre owner, cleaning company or a local council, park trust, or wildlife trust?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  Apply for a trade account today and become an Ecohound stockist.

Make the most of your business with Ecohounds’ wholesale dog waste bag range! Our environmentally-friendly bags are a great addition to any store, taking up minimal space and giving you unbeatable value when buying in bulk – save an incredible 20% on full pallets.  So you’ll be barking with success!

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Ecohound we can help make your own brand product a reality.

With the competition seeming to be everywhere, are you finding it difficult to stand out in a crowd of pet care services?  Let us help develop your brand so that no matter who or what service provider is around, yours will shine through.

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Custom Printed Bags & Bespoke Recycled & Recyclable Packaging.

Assisting with the professional design, manufacturing, and importing of your own brand / white label pet products including dog waste bags, 100% recyclable dog food packaging, reusable bags, paper bags, and transit packaging.  Contact us for further information.

Benefits Of Becoming an Ecohound Stockist / Trade Customer

Trade Discounts / Competitive Wholesale Pet & Home Essential Supplies (Trade Price List)
Pallet Purchase Discount – SAVE up to 20% when purchasing pallets of stock.
Fast FREE UK Mainland Delivery.
OCEANEX and post-consumer recycled plastic waste dog poo bags in 100% recycled & recyclable shop-ready craft card packaging.
Ecohound – Large vest-style dog waste bags, great for dog walkers, and councils.
New HOME compostable kitchen caddy liners available.
Massive profit potential
Custom Printed Bags – MOQ’S apply.
NEW Custom Printed 100% Recyclable Dog Food Packaging.
Easily stored and take up very little valuable space

Contact us with any questions you have and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Complete our Application Form form or Contact Us with your trade details, company name and products of interest.

Ecohound 375 Dog Poo Bags
Ecohound 500 Waste Bags
Ecohound 500 Waste Bags

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Join us for a wholesomely fun journey towards sustainable pet
ownership – same great dog times now greenified!

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