Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Waste

Less Plastic, Less Waste creating a circular economy.

Post Consumer Plastic Waste

Why we use post-consumer recycled plastic waste (HDPE) to make Ecohound dog poo bags.

Most plastic is recyclable.  Plastic is a finite and valuable resource, so the most logical and environmentally friendly outcome after their initial use is to be recycled into a new product.

Why recycle?

  • Provides a sustainable source of raw materials to the industry
  • Greatly reduces the environmental (especially the CO2) impact of plastic-rich products
  • Reduces the amount of plastic being sent to landfill
  • Reduces the consumption of our planets oil stocks
  • Less energy consumption than producing new, virgin polymers
  • Helps reduce our impact on the environment

Current worldwide plastic recycling rates have improved immensely over the last decade however still have some way to go.  The average recycle rate for Europe is 30%, UK is 40% however countries like South Korea and India are way ahead of us.  Kudos to Wales for having one of the best recycling rates in the world, they come in fourth on the worldwide list.

With the introduction of the Single Use Plastic Directive all newly manufactured plastic products should contain at least 25% recycled plastic.   This will slowly increase throughout the decade.

Our Bags Made From 50% Post Consumer Plastic Waste

The full range of dog waste bags available at Ecohound now contain a minimum of 50% post consumer recycled plastic waste, meeting Global Recycling Standard certification.  Along with 25% Oceanex, our bags contain just 25% virgin plastic, which is still required to make sure your bag is strong with no nasty accidents whilst picking up after your pet.

With the continuing drive towards a circular economy post-consumer waste is becoming an attractive and sustainable option within the plastics industry. All reusable plastic waste is reprocessed to a very high standard. If we get in right and recycle it will become an almost inexhaustible resource helping cut down on the use of virgin plastic and the overuse of fossil fuels.

OK, so you cannot recycle our used bags, that it not possible at all.  However, by utilising PCR plastic waste in the manufacturing of our bags we are doing our bit towards creating a circular economy.

We need to look after our planet today for a better tomorrow!