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Post-consumer recycled plastic waste is the term used to describe plastic that has been disposed of by consumers and collected for reuse. It can be reused as a sustainable alternative to new plastics, reducing the amount of co2 emissions released during its production. The process of collecting post-consumer plastic waste is both eco-friendly and economically beneficial, as it reduces landfill waste and its associated costs. As sustainable consumption increases in popularity, more businesses are taking stock of their plastic consumption and making sure they are sourcing sustainable materials like post-consumer recycled plastic waste. This not only helps to keep our environment safe but also encourages sustainable development that can help protect our planet for generations to come.

A Circular Economy

Businesses are increasingly taking responsibility for their environmental impact and embracing a circular economy. Through this approach, companies can reduce the amount of resources they use, by extending the life cycle beyond its intended end-of-life to conserve and reuse what is already at hand. Investing in sustainable strategies communicates that an organisation values both today’s environment as well as future generations – leading with sustainability but also investing in business success.

Ecohound Dog Waste Bags

At Ecohound we understand the need to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly products.

That’s why we proudly use a combination of sustainable and recycled materials for our pet waste bags. By adding Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Waste (PCR) to our dog waste bags, not only are we helping to reduce urban plastic pollution, but also keeping waste away from landfill.

Our bags have a 50% PCR content along with 25% Oceanex (waste seashells from a sustainable source), offering not only a sustainable solution but also an eco-friendly one!  Our bags now meet Global Recycling Standard certification.

Our commitment to sustainability is something that reflects our core values as a business.

Read more about Ecohound dog waste bags on our FAQ page.

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