Throw Away Culture

 In 2022 surely things must be improving….NO, it’s getting worse.  Production and consumption of clothing continue to rise at an alarming rate with severe social and environmental impacts worldwide. 




The throwaway culture harming our planet.

Not mentioning any company names but I watched a programme last night about throw-away fashion.  Not only are the workers of these companies being exploited, working in poor conditions, often 12 – 14 hours a day.  They have no worker’s rights and are being paid per garment rather than an hourly rate. Making cheap unsustainable clothing we wear once or twice if at all then throw away.

In 2022 surely things must be improving….NO, it’s getting worse.  Production and consumption of clothing continue to rise at an alarming rate with severe social and environmental impacts worldwide.  The industry manufacturing processes create toxic chemicals, waste and pollution and production uses resources like water and fossil fuels at unsustainable rates.  Contaminating our oceans and destroying nature as we know it today.

Our world is facing catastrophic climate change whilst these large fast fashion cooperations’ main concern is profit.  They may make a token donation to environmental causes but that’s not going to save our planet.

What can we do? 

Well first of all, before you buy cheap clothing online do a little research and find out more about the company and the clothes they sell.  Do you really what a dress that costs £10 including delivery in your wardrobe and more to the point, will you actually ever wear it?  Forget fast fashion. Look for sustainable brands.  Items made with recycled materials and companies with ethical values, or visit your local charity shops.  If buying, choose items with longevity that can be easily repaired.  An item that when it no longer fits, you are sad to see it go but know it will have another life in someones else’s wardrobe.

Surely unwanted clothing can be reused, creating a circular economy? The main concern with cheap throw-away fashion garments is they are not fit for a second life.  Charity shops don’t want them so they are often discarded and end up in landfill.

A solution I love but needs to be more widely adopted is “material to material” recycling.  Your well-worn wool socks and cosy old jumpers that have seen better days can be recycled into carpets, curtains or even a new sofa.  One of which I have just purchased from DFS as I say goodbye to my 22 year old leather sofa (also purchased from DFS in the year 2000).  This DFS sofa is manufactured using new technologies enabling recycled bottles, textile waste, recycled foam and carbon steel to become something beautiful and new with a limited carbon footprint.

 | Globally just 12% of the material used for clothing ends up being recycled

Can my well-worn jacket have a future?

We need new innovative companies and technologies.  It’s a growing industry with massive potential.  We also need to think before we discard.  Making sure our textile waste, if not fit to be resold is sent for recycling.  OK, it may end up a rag for cleaning machinery but the fabric from your old jacket may also end up as your dog’s new winter coat or feeding bowl.

Before recycling any textiles, wash and dry them properly. Ensure the fabric is NOT wet, dirty or mouldy.  if it is it will become useless and potentially contaminate other fabrics in the same batch or bin of recyclable material.

Sadly, we continue to live in a throw-away culture where everything is disposable and easily replaced.  To have an impact and create change, we must look at ourselves, and make changes today.  Adopt a zero-waste approach to our living. Work together and not just hope someone else will save our beautiful yet fragile planet.

| Reduce waste and pollution worldwide by creating a circular economy.

Anything is possible!

Sustainability Fashion Ideas & Actions

  1. Invest in a few key pieces for your wardrobe that will last for years
  2. Shop second-hand or vintage stores for unique finds.
    3. Choose natural fabrics like organic cotton, wool, and linen whenever possible.
    3. Shop second-hand or vintage stores for unique finds.
    4. Buy sustainable brands that focus on environmental and social responsibility. Look at B Corps.
    5. Support sustainable fashion initiatives like upcycling and recycling

I plan to cover all these ideas, actions and more as this blog page grows.  Below is an in-depth look at key wardrobe pieces and shopping second-hand & vintage.

6. Repair clothes instead of throwing them away – this is often cheaper and easier than you think, rewarding too.
5. Educate yourself about the environmental impact of the fashion industry and make more conscious choices.
6. Advocate for sustainable practices within the fashion industry.



Buying new clothes all the time can add up, but investing in a few key quality pieces that last years can result in huge savings over the years.


Reducing the number of poorly made fast fashion items that end up in landfills is good for the environment.



Nothing is more fun than a day out with friends exploring vintage and charity shops. So next time you need a day out, throw on your vintagiest vintage clothes and head out shopping!

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